IPL Schedule 2023

PL Schedule 2023, The IPL typically features ten teams representing different cities in India. Each team plays a total of 14 matches in the league stage, facing every other team twice. The top four teams at the end of the league stage qualify for the playoffs, which consist of two Qualifiers, an Eliminator, and the Final. IPL Schedule 2023, Indian premier league Schedule

IPL 2023 Schedule

31 MarchGT vs CSK1st MatchFriday7:30 PMNarendra Modi StadiumAhmedabad
1 AprilPBKS vs KKR2nd MatchSaturday3:30 PMPunjab Cricket AssociationMohali
1 AprilLSG vs DC3rd MatchSaturday7:30 PMBharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Lucknow
2 AprilSRH vs RR4th MatchSunday3:30 PMRajiv Gandhi InternationalHyderabad
2 AprilRCB vs MI 5th Match Sunday7:30 PMM.Chinnaswamy Bengaluru
3 AprilCSK vs LSG6th MatchMonday7:30 PMMA ChidambaramChennai
4 AprilDC vs GT 7th MatchTuesday7:30 PMArun Jaitley StadiumDelhi
5 AprilRR vs PBKS8th MatchWednesday7:30 PMBarsapara Cricket StadiumGuwahati
6 AprilKKR vs RCB9th MatchThursday7:30 PMEden GardensKolkata
7 AprilLSG vs SRH10th MatchFriday7:30 PMBharat Ratna Shri Atal BihariLucknow
8 AprilRR vs DC11th MatchSaturday3:30 PMBarsapara Cricket StadiumGuwahati
8 AprilMI vs CSK12th MatchSaturday7:30 PMWankhede StadiumMumbai
9 AprilGT vs KKR13th MatchSunday3:30 PMNarendra Modi StadiumAhmedabad
9 AprilSRH vs PBKS14th MatchSunday7:30 PMRajiv Gandhi InternationalHyderabad
10 AprilRCB vs LSG15th MatchMonday7:30 PMM.Chinnaswamy Bengaluru
11 AprilDC vs MI 16th MatchTuesday7:30 PMArun Jaitley StadiumDelhi
12 AprilCSK vs RR17th MatchWednesday7:30 PMMA ChidambaramChennai
13 AprilPBKS vs GT18th MatchThursday7:30 PMPunjab Cricket AssociationMohali
14 AprilKKR vs SRH19th MatchFriday7:30 PMEden GardensKolkata
15 AprilRCB vs DC20th MatchSaturday3:30 PMM.ChinnaswamyBengaluru
15 AprilLSG vs PBKS21st MatchSaturday7:30 PMBharat Ratna Shri Atal BihariLucknow
16 AprilMI vs KKR22nd MatchSunday3:30 PMWankhede StadiumMumbai
16 AprilGT vs RR23rd MatchSunday7:30 PMNarendra Modi StadiumAhmedabad
17 AprilRCB vs CSK24th MatchMonday7:30 PMM.ChinnaswamyBengaluru
18 AprilSRH vs MI25th MatchTuesday7:30 PMRajiv Gandhi InternationalHyderabad
19 AprilRR vs LSG26th MatchWednesday7:30 PMSawai Mansingh StadiumJaipur
20 AprilPBKS vs RCB27th MatchThursday3:30 PMPunjab Cricket AssociationMohali
20 AprilDC vs KKR28th MatchThursday7:30 PMArun Jaitley StadiumDelhi
21 AprilCSK vs SRH29th MatchFriday7:30 PMMA ChidambaramChennai
22 AprilLSG vs GT30th MatchSaturday3:30 PMBharat Ratna Shri Atal BihariLucknow
22 AprilMI vs PBKS31st MatchSaturday7:30 PMWankhede StadiumMumbai
23 AprilRCB vs RR32nd MatchSunday3:30 PMM.ChinnaswamyBengaluru
23 AprilKKR vs CSK33rd MatchSunday7:30 PMEden GardensKolkata
24 AprilSRH vs DC34th MatchMonday7:30 PMRajiv Gandhi InternationalHyderabad
25 AprilGT vs MI35th MatchTuesday7:30 PMNarendra Modi StadiumAhmedabad
26 AprilRCB vs KKR36th MatchWednesday7:30 PMM.Chinnaswamy Bengaluru
27 AprilRR vs CSK37th MatchThursday7:30 PMSawai Mansingh StadiumJaipur
28 AprilPBKS vs LSG38th MatchFriday7:30 PMPunjab Cricket AssociationMohali
29 AprilKKR vs GT39th MatchSaturday3:30 PMEden GardensKolkata
29 AprilDC vs SRH40th MatchSaturday7:30 PMArun Jaitley StadiumDelhi
30 AprilCSK vs PBKS41st MatchSunday3:30 PMMA ChidambaramChennai
30 AprilMI vs RR42nd MatchSunday7:30 PMWankhede StadiumMumbai
1 MayLSG vs RCB43rd MatchMonday7:30 PMBharat Ratna Shri Atal BihariLucknow
2 MayGT vs DC44th MatchTuesday7:30 PMNarendra Modi StadiumAhmedabad
3 MayPBKS vs MI45th MatchWednesday7:30 PMPunjab Cricket AssociationMohali
4 MayLSG vs CSK46th MatchThursday3:30 PMBharat Ratna Shri Atal BihariLucknow
4 MaySRH vs KKR47th MatchThursday7:30 PMRajiv Gandhi InternationalHyderabad
5 MayRR vs GT 48th MatchFriday7:30 PMSawai Mansingh StadiumJaipur
6 MayCSK vs MI49th MatchSaturday3:30 PMMA ChidambaramChennai
6 MayDC vs RCB50th MatchSaturday7:30 PMArun Jaitley StadiumDelhi
7 MayGT vs LSG51st MatchSunday3:30 PMNarendra Modi StadiumAhmedabad
7 MayRR vs SRH52nd MatchSunday7:30 PMSawai Mansingh StadiumJaipur
8 MayKKR vs PBKS53rd MatchMonday7:30 PMEden GardensKolkata
9 MayMI vs RCB54th MatchTuesday7:30 PMWankhede StadiumMumbai
10 MayCSK vs DC55th MatchWednesday7:30 PMMA ChidambaramChennai
11 MayKKR vs RR56th MatchThursday7:30 PMEden GardensKolkata
12 MayMI vs GT57th MatchFriday7:30 PMWankhede StadiumMumbai
13 MaySRH vs LSG58th MatchSaturday3:30 PMRajiv Gandhi InternationalHyderabad
13 MayDC vs PBKS59th MatchSaturday7:30 PMArun Jaitley StadiumDelhi
14 MayRR vs RCB60th MatchSunday3:30 PMSawai Mansingh StadiumJaipur
14 MayCSK vs KKR61st MatchSunday7:30 PMMA ChidambaramChennai
15 MayGT vs SRH62nd MatchMonday7:30 PMNarendra Modi StadiumAhmedabad
16 MayLSG vs MI63rd MatchTuesday7:30 PMBharat Ratna Shri Atal BihariLucknow
17 MayPBKS vs DC64th MatchWednesday7:30 PMPunjab Cricket AssociationMohali
18 MaySRH vs RCB 65th MatchThursday7:30 PMRajiv Gandhi InternationalHyderabad
19 MayPBKS vs RR66th MatchFriday7:30 PMPunjab Cricket AssociationMohali
20 MayDC vs CSK67th MatchSaturday3:30 PMArun Jaitley StadiumDelhi
20 MayKKR vs LSG68th MatchSaturday7:30 PMEden GardensKolkata
21 MayMI vs SRH69th MatchSunday3:30 PMWankhede StadiumMumbai
21 MayRCB vs GT70th MatchSunday7:30 PMM.ChinnaswamyBengaluru
23 MayQualifier 171st MatchTuesday7:30 PMEden GardensKolkata
24 MayEliminator72nd MatchWednesday7:30 PMM.ChinnaswamyBengaluru
26 MayQualifier 173rd MatchFriday7:30 PMMA ChidambaramChennai
28 MayFinal74th MatchSaturday7:30 PMEden GardensKolkata
IPL Schedule 2023

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